Monday, February 11, 2008


So i went all week without emotional eating, until on Sunday [yesterday] i had quite the little binge. However, it was not really an "emotional" thing, more so that i was quite hungry so even after eating i felt straving. I had decided since it was the weekend (the one time i allow myself off the diet) it'd be okay to eat which i did, but since its Monday that has to come to an end again.

What a release watching in this blog !, but i have to say that i am writing with a bit to tackle. I am having trouble with the idea of drinking water, i guess i am just used to the "dehydrated" feeling which is both dangerous and silly. I only drink spring water, so it isn't like i can blame my dislike of it on the "taste". I love sugar ! (Splenda) to if i don't add it to water in some way (like say, fresh squeezed lemon with Splenda added to make lemonade), i simply can't stand it. Maybe if i added a slice of lemon so that it was nice and pretty ? *shrugs*.

One thing that i have learned about binging, is that when you do it the #1 most important after-care step is to "let it go". When i got on the scale this morning i noticed that i'd gained 3 pounds from my little binge fest, however the smart thing is that i am not going to binge ANYMORE until next weekend. Another great tip, is to never "hang around" in the kitchen by any reason. If you are cooking something, go upstairs and set the timer (don't sniff around watching it cook). Diet soda is another great tip ! when i feel like i am having a binge craving that is *strong* i have a full cup of diet soda with ice. The soda is so sweet that it makes me feel like i am already giving it, yet it has practically zero everything.

 Water....water...i am so thirsty, how will i ever get over the "non sweet" taste of water ?!. I could always trick myself by having a pinch of the "spricy" mrs. dash, because then i'd happily drink an entire cup of water lol.

Amy Winehouse was on the Grammy's, she is [in my opinion] too skinny. She'd look sexy if she were around Christina Aguilera's size. I had heard somewhere that she [Amy Winehouse] used to be curvy and had to see for myself:

I think that she was at her best "before" the drastic weight-loss, she looked like a true sexy and unstoppable beauty (what a shape !). I hope that she gains a little weight, and i am starting to think that possibly her weight-loss was not intentional (more so a side affect of her drug use).

It feels amazing not emotional eating [and intending not to all week] today. This blog offers such a release, it feels better than binging actually to me. I have to start drinking more water though, and i truly mean that.

I have decided that i want toned legs this summer, not super skinny but...kind of like Amy's [back when she was curvy]. I have not been thinking much about guys lately, other than fantasies about a few male celebs to spice up my day. Other wise, my goals and life has been pretty self-centered and [in my case] that is a good thing. Worrying about what men want me to be and so on is a waste.